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A Dialogue with God

Sermons, Revivals, Missions, Workshops and Retreats 

There is a song in everyone’s heart! This song is a simple dialogue and extraordinary conversation with the awe-inspiring God. It is the “God Chip” located within that "hole" in each of our hearts. 


This “God Chip” is a reflection of God dwelling within each of us. Unique to each person, this God Chip is - at the same time -  connected to the entire universe, and is continually in search of the truth.  Thus, all of us are in search of the truth.  The God Chip is a connection shared with our God - the Creator of all human souls, and our individual human experiences are a direct dialogue with God. These experiences can be found within ourselves, through our reflections and contemplations. These experiences can then bring other individuals into our lives which in turn, helps provide testimony to the “God Chip” within their hearts. Those testimonies ignite the fires that develop connections between God and His people. 


When other people come into our lives through the means of revivals, missions, and presentations, etc., these methods give voice to that discussion with God. This conversation with God will speak through different avenues that give witness to God and your relationship with Him. It is this relationship that God uses human vessels to manifest His presence among all humankind. At the same time, God honors our disclosure - as well as our closure - for who He is. Part of my mission is to allow God to use me as His human vessel in order to give witness to His omnipresence.  It is truly humbling and rewarding...

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