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I am a Diocesan Priest and belong to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Thanks to the support and blessing of my Archbishop, I have been privileged to work in a variety of ministries – parish priest, military chaplain, evangelist for revivals, missions, workshops, jail and homeless ministries, etc. This is truly the evangelization of the 21st century. These experiences have transformed me to be Christ to all whom I encounter. One of the stipulations for my independent and varied forms of ministry was that I must be financially stable and be self-supporting and this must include preparations for my own retirement.

Most Priests have a retirement plan setup for them as they serve their parishes. Since I am doing independent ministry outside my archdiocese, there is no such retirement plan in place. I find myself in the same situation like many of our religious sisters who worked tirelessly without pay in our Catholic schools and as they aged and retired there was no retirement plan in place for them. I am humbly appealing to individuals and communities around the country to generously assist me financially through this “Go Fund Me” account which would go toward a retirement plan for me. (give a scripture notation here). Your generosity will allow me to continue serving our Lord and Master. You will always be in thoughts and prayers as I continue to minister in God’s vineyard here on earth.

Please Help With My Retirement

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